IP/MPLS Routing & Switching

Tasaum has mastered its way towards IP/MPLS technologies within Routing and Switching domains after completing several successful pojects at Service Provider for very Large Scale IP Core Backbone Projects, Core Refresh Project, RFP/RFQ Evaluation, choosing the best suitable Solution for your Network.

Technology Selection
Proof-of-Concept Testing
Scallable Routing Architecture
MPLS Fast Re-Route Solutions
QoS Solutions

IPv6 - Planning & Adaption

With continued depletion of IPv4 and repeated IPv6 deadlines, the current communities still stay unaware of the upcoming unprecedented wave of this force migration of IPv4 to IPv6, much stronger and worse than Y2k. We are thus evangalizing and preparing our partners, providers, and communities to start planning for IPv6 now in order to meeting 2012 deadlines being setforth from ARIN and in order to avoid any expensive purchases of IPv4 address from black market in future.

We assess, educate, plan and choose the best options for you to move forward, analyzing the realistic impact for going for the IPv6 Adaption. We evaluate and consult on the risk analysis to devise an appropriate security policy.

We go through:
IPv6 re-numbering schemes
Inter-op Technology Testing
Security Risk Analysis
Best Practices
Technology Selection
IPv6 Adaption


Data Centre Design & Solutions

The evolution of Date Centre from a back-room IT space to the front-ended Business Core based Cloud Computing practices has enthrusted exploding the Data Centre requirements and is becoming an almost impossible task to cope anymore.
Tasaum Network is imparting knowledge and innovation spreading the evolving needs and requirement in order to reduce the Total Cost of ownership in the Data Centre Technologies.


Some the key aspect we dive deet into within Data Centre Technologies are:
Unified Fibric
Unified Computing
Cloud Computing
Power & Cooling
Cabliing and Footprints
Total Cost of Ownership